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instagram mask for forum "City for education"
Instagram game-filter for the Moscow City Government exhibition stand at EDIX 2019 educational exhibition in Tokyo, Japan
The world's first exhibition with the game
in Instagram Stories

Forum " City Of Education"
The largest educational event in the world. International communication and exhibition platform for the exchange of experience in the format of networking for the effective implementation of the ideas of open education and the creation of productive horizontal ties.
Mask: Russification
EDIX is Japan's largest industry trade fair, which brings together leading IT service providers, electronics manufacturers, content providers, digital learning materials manufacturers, software developers, etc., who are looking to expand their business in the educational field.
The filter is a game that appears in Instagram Stories. User can apply a filter by clicking on the icon in the effects library.

Cyrillic letters fall on a person's head, a person must deviate to stay the way he or she is. With each letter hitting the head, face is modified and the user is becoming more like a Russian hero.
The filter script-games: transformation into Ivanushka
Gradually manifested wig
Brightens the face
Appear freckles
Lighter eyebrows, eyelashes grow
Eyes get bigger
The shirt appears
Ear-flapped hat falls - the game ends
There is an inscription "Russification completed"
JunkReality deals with all process stages: from the concept development and visual filter-game programming to the publication and promotion effect in Instagram
Work Stages
the idea of the future game, its mechanics and scenarios is thought over
the visual part of the filter is created: artistic design and programming
filter-the game is launched in Instagram, becomes available for use by other users
to facilitate the use of the effect, we have also created an instruction for visitors to use the filter-game
Creative support
we create design of the client's Instagram account, artistic design of at least 9 posts
Auxiliary stage
we have prepared a video tutorial for game-users
Technical equipment

During the exhibition, we came up with the mechanics of game activation, so that forum guests could evaluate the filter right inside the Moscow City Government stand.

The conditions required special technical equipment of the stand for the most effective realization of the product. We not only created the game itself, but also prepared the equipment for connecting and broadcasting content. As a result, all the technical conditions for the successful activation of the game at the exhibition and interaction with visitors were thought out and created inside the stand.
Adjusting for your needs
Besides the fact that we creatively accompany the launch of the filter, we are also ready to implement the individual needs of customers.

Under normal circumstances, only the development phase takes a minimum of 3 weeks. In the case of the filter-game Russification for the Moscow Department "City of Education" we were able to qualitatively and professionally perform the work in an unprecedented time for us, in just 2 weeks.
Exhibition halls are densely filled, and all companies are fighting for visitors and their interest. Interactive technology not only sets a company apart from the crowd and is memorable, but also increases attendance and time spent at the stand. Interactive filter game will become a powerful marketing tool that will be remembered by visitors for a long time.
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