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Cicero Mark Tullius
About the project
One Trinity Place is located on the Petrogradskaya side of St. Petersburg, on the southern bank of the Malaya Nevka River near the Lazarevsky Bridge.
The developer turned to the specific task of "show the goods face." We offered a comprehensive 360-shot with the integration of a virtual tour of a new generation to the main page of the site, and this is what happened.
Due to the detailed shooting of the laser tour, anyone interested in purchasing an apartment or penthouse can visit its virtual copy. Using VR-glasses provides an even deeper immersion.
The developer One Trinity Place turned with the specific task of "show product face".

Offer: integrated shooting-360 with the integration of a virtual tour of a new generation to the main page of the site.
Depending on the task, we select the appropriate technique for the shooting purposes. To enhance the immersion effect, we rented a model apartment with a 4K camera. The camera is controlled via a specialized software from the iPad, the captured points are immediately loaded, an impression is formed in the cloud.

The more points we shoot, the freer and more flexible the user route can be, and the most pleasant thing is that the cost does not depend on their number: in an apartment of 80 m2 we shot 21 points (every 3-4 meters). Thanks to this, the user will be able to move around the tour as if he were walking around the apartment in reality.
The integration of 3D tours to the site affects the growth of positions in the search results and the growth of traffic.
After 8 months, site visitors spend 6 times more time to familiarize themselves with the tour than to view ordinary photo-realistic images (the same skip, swipe and roll about which they spoke at the beginning).
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