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Laser tour of Mercedes showroom "Motorhome-Pulkovo"

About the project
"MOTORHOME Pulkovo" - Mercedes showroom, located in St. Petersburg on Pulkovo highway 14. The salon sells not only classic Mercedes, but also sports AMG, Lux class Mercedes-Maybach limousines, as well as light-duty trucks. Traditionally, the Mercedes brand is the personification of luxury and wealth, so the abode of these cars looks appropriate.
The customer set the task to show the salon in all colors, so that customers even in online viewing understand the difference between a normal salon and a Mercedes salon. In addition, the purpose of the laser tour in this case is to pre-introduce the client to the salon, in order to speed up the process of choosing a car in the future.
During the planning of the laser tour, the Junk Reality team developed a solution that could save customers from having to visit the salon. And that's what it was. First, during the shooting, each car was shot from at least 4 angles, so that every detail could be seen in the approximation. Second, each car was added a tag, which contained the name of the car and a link to go to the page of the site with a description of the complete sets and a full list of characteristics. Third, a separate Parking lot was added with mileage and each car was also assigned a special tag with a link to the sales page.

As a result, the user of the tour, after reviewing in detail the cars available for sale and studying their configuration and characteristics, will come to the salon to experience only the physical sensations of driving-a test drive, or more interestingly - to sign a contract of sale of the car!
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