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Instagram STORIES

We'll tell you about working in SparcAR and the tools that you`ll need to get the most out of it
More than 500 million users view Instagram stories everyday, and there's no better place to express yourself, engage with your audience, and promote your brand.

But what do you need to know to be on the wave?
Facebook's Spark AR platform gives people the tools, inspiration and resources they need to add new layers of augmented reality (AR) to photos and videos — and we're working to make that interaction even better and easier.

Numbers speak themselves
More than 1 billion Facebook, Instagram, Messenger и Portal users already use AR-effects and filters, made on the basis of Spark AR
AR allows artists, creators and designers to create their own effects to share with their audience and create more vibrant forms of digital expression — and we're excited to help you bring your creative ambitions to life.

For a brand, organization and business, your own filter and AR mask is a way to advertise your product, increase sales conversion and company awareness.

Why do you need SparkAR?

This year Facebook announced plans to exit the closed beta version of Spark AR and give the entire community of creators the opportunity to post their effects on Instagram. And it happened! Starting today, everyone can create and post their own Sparcar effects on Instagram.

Spark AR let us to add..

3D objects
JavaScript code
Sprite animation
(transformed into gif format)
Camera and light effects
Reaction on the activity (you open the mouth - snow starts)
Head, hands surface and other thrackers

The simplest mask can be made with just a few manipulations by creating a texture in Face Paint mode. In this mode, a separate picture is simply superimposed on the face, in this way you can create makeup, tattoos, mustaches, and so on. Instagram was flooded with primitive and identical masks after giving everyone access to SparkAR tools.

If you, as well as we, are tired of seeing the hundredth variation of the plastic face and another "very funny" inscription, you understand what we are talking about.

If you agree with us, you know what to do!
To stand out from the sea of similar masks of low quality, you need to have professional skills of programming and promotion. Now it is important not only to think carefully about the concept of the filter and technically implement it, but also to make sure that your mask is not immediately lost in the general flow.

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