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AR-masks and filters for Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat
We help create and publish unique interactive content that triggers massive organic traffic increase.
1 billion interactions with one mask in a month - if you think it's impossible, you should definitely check it out!
About AR-Filters
Stories AR-filters offer a fun interactive way of reaching new users, boosting engagement and building brand awareness.

Over 400 million people using Instagram Stories every day. This newest social AR-tool is bound to become one of the hottest trends in 2019.

Influencers and brands can create unique masks and let users try them on.

All launched campaigns are successful: users interact with filters and share Stories at fantastic speed.

Who's got a filter first?
Kylie Jenner
Ariana Grande

Start following the account, that published the filter. The mask will automatically appear in the filter library in Instagram Stories
Why choose us?
Once the publication of masks has become available not only to a narrow circle of developers, but also to all users, it is no longer enough just make the mask. We offer a unique service in terms of designing and implementation, with subsequent promotion mechanics.
High Quality
Our team consists of specialists with years of technical experience, able to perform visual programming of any complexity.
We are company
This means that with us you can be sure that your mask will not be lost among the huge amount of low-quality content.
Suntantial Result
Unlike individual developers, we really guarantee you the coverage and effect that we declare in the beginning.
"Turn-key" solution
Taking into account all business processes: from the development of creative concepts and technical visual embodiment to implementation and promotion.
Junk Reality has been successfully working in this field for more than a year. Since the launch of the service in Russia, we have been pioneers and now continue to develop and move towards global goals.
Our team monitors the dynamical changes of the platform, we constantly "keep abreast" and offer you the best solutions in terms of creativity and promotion.
Teremok @teremok_ru
Russia's largest fast casual restaurant chain
Pancake face-filter. When you click the type of pancakes change: blushing pancake, black teriaki pancake, and pancake with raining berries
Result: in 2 days (10.06.19-12.06.19)
+549,570 unique interactions with Teremok Filter
+15,229 Instagram users made Strories with this mask
+wow-effect in the internet and federal media
Victoria Lopyreva @lopyrevavika
Miss Russia 2003, model, TV presenter, blogger, Ambassador of the 2018 FIFA world Cup.
3.4 million subscribers
An exact copy of the crown, which was awarded to Victoria at the contest "Miss Russia"
Result: in 2 days (27.07.19-29.07.19)
+414,616 Instagram users intervened with the effect
+7,813 filter fittings were made
+ the publication was highlighted by popular magazines,,
Terms and prices
At the moment, the development and publication of masks on Instagram is on beta-testing mode. Junk Reality team was first and one of few to get access to the Facebook beta program.

This gives our customers an exclusive chance to stand out from the crowd and reach out to millions of new active users before the masks become mainstream!

Hurry to Catch the wave!

From 5 days
Realistic 3D model of a pancake, switching pancake design and animation when tapping on the screen

From 10 days
Animation of petal movement, face retouch and contouring, changing the shape of the face and eyes. Adding music

From 14 days
Creation and implementation of scripts for game masks of any complexity

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