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Instagram GAMES

Instagram's filter platform allows you to implement engaging interactive games, which is a great tool for both engaging existing and new audiences.
Gamification is the application of social media game mechanics to reinforce brand loyalty. Until recently, companies neglected the use of gamification in social networks, but now actively use it to increase user engagement.
Key points of creating a game for Instagram
Gamification in social networks is a flexible mechanism: everyone will be able to find a version of the game that suits him more on the subject and for the desired response of the audience. Therefore, to do everything right, you need to follow a few rules
Spark AR let us to add...
Exciting and viral account gamification
Visual part
Artistic design and programming that reflect the essence of your account
Technical pecularities
Elaboration of a simple algorithm of interaction with the user
Game mechanics
Requiring simple actions from the user: open your mouth, nod, blink and so on

Why to chose us?
Using game content on Instagram is one of the ways to adapt to the modern generation Y and their way of life (those who are passionate about computers and digital technologies from a young age). This generation is on a subconscious level, wants to be a part of the game in other words to complete quests, upgrade skills and get achievements.

And it should be used now, because interested and enthusiastic users "give" their activity in the form of likes, comments and bookmarks
Their Instagram Games have already launched:
DODO Pizza
Lena Temnikova

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