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Laser Tour in "Hermitage" Hotel
About the project
The official hotel of the state Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg is the full name of this luxurious hotel. The building is located in the historic center of the city near the main attractions.
The customer set the task to shoot a laser tour with easy navigation through locations and rooms. The future user had to be able to walk through each room as in real life.

Offer: shooting a laser tour of the common space and one room of each category. Add tags with location captions and links to the site for more information. Adding important locations to the Highlights section within the tour. As for the open space objects, they are added to the tour as photo 360.
Photo in 360 open space
Section " Highlights "(located at the bottom of the screen with thumbnails of the places referenced)
Distribution of tags by key locations and rooms. From each tag in the room you can go directly to the reservation page of the room of this category.
Depending on the task, we select the appropriate technique for shooting purposes. To enhance the effect of immersion model apartment we shot a camera with a resolution of 4K. the Camera is controlled through specialized software from the iPad, the captured points are immediately loaded, the formation of a cast in the cloud.

The more points we shoot, the freer and more flexible the custom route can be, and the best thing is that the cost does not depend on their number: in the Hermitage hotel we shot 812! points (every 3-4 meters). Thanks to this, the user will be able to move around the tour as if walking around the hotel in reality.
Randomly chosen interior shots in 4K resolution
After a hard day's work it is good to take a bath
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