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facebook STORIES

Facebook instagram users can now create their own masks and filters, and companies can use branded content.

What's the difference between instagram stories and Facebook stories?
Facebook instagram stories are not as popular as Instagram stories, but they are still one of the tools to increase overall metrics. With stories, you can increase brand awareness and attract the attention of a paying audience.
1,7 billion

people se Facebook on daily basis
24 hours

your unique content will be attracting attention
150 millions

of active Facebook users watch Stories everyday

Interface Pecularities
The interface of these two services is very similar. Facebook and Instagram stories have only a few minor differences between them.

Facebook instagram stories: when you open the camera in Facebook stories, you'll see options such as "Live video", "Boomerang", "Normal" and "Video" (compared to Instagram stories, there are no "Type", "Superzoom", "Rewind", and "Hands-Free" options here).

Оба сервиса позволяют загружать любые фотографии и видео из галереи телефона: как новые, так и старые. При этом в Instagram-историях можно загрузить за один раз несколько фотографий или видео. В Facebook такой опции нет.

В Instagram есть дополнительная опция: на любую историю можно также ответить историей.

В Facebook тоже есть своя «фишка»: можно подписаться и следить за историями тех, на кого вы еще не подписаны.

Дополнительные функции и инструменты
Facebook is less functional than Instagram if you compare the additional options for setting up stories. On Facebook, you can only mark a geolocation, specify a time, mention another user, attach a GIF or sticker.

Beyond that, Instagram stories have more drawing options.

Facebook and Instagram stories have the same number of fonts. Despite the fact that fonts in different services are called differently, visually they are very similar.

If you compare the available filters for processing images and videos in the stories, it should be noted that in Facebook they are much more than in Instagram.
Both Instagram and Facebook offers detailed analytics on each of your stories
Instagram statistics show you the number of times your stories have been shown, your link clicked, your profile visited, your replies, and more. Facebook statistics offer you less information. You can only get information about the number of unique views and clicks on your story (these include flips, exits, etc.). Facebook stories statistics can only be accessed from a computer, and this information is not available in the app.
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