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Trade and Commerce

The most current solutions to increase sales and increase conversions today: Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D / 360.

Digital solutions offered by new realities, allow you to get the most accurate picture of the product and even the service.

Results are measured by at least + 30% revenue growth and more than 70% decrease in returns!

61% of shoppers prefer stores that offer an AR experience. If your customers could try the product in augmented reality, 71% would return more often, and 40% would be willing to pay more.
Photo 3D / 360 bridges the gap between offline and online shopping - your customers can be sure that the chosen product will meet their expectations.

The results speak for themselves:
conversion into sales increases by 30-50%, returns are reduced by 70-90%.
Reduce the bounce rate by 2 times, increase the time spent on the site by 60%, increase engagement and, consequently, increase sales - real metrics collected by interactive websites of the new generation.
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