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Comprehensive video linking aerial photography and indoor interior photography
Why do you need to shoot from a drone?
Look at the object from all angles and «perspectives»
To identify all the visual benefits and advantages
Demonstrate the convenience of access roads, service stations and unloading
Demonstrate the surrounding infrastructure
Who needs drone footage?
Transport infrastructure objects
Residential complex
Warehouse terminal
Industrial enterprise
Aerial photography from a drone is one of the easiest and best ways to assess the scale of the object
Demonstration of readiness of construction queues
In order to show the stages of construction of objects, we use rendering and computer graphics to visualize the still unfinished parts of the construction. Also with the help of these tools integrates any additional information regarding the construction or features of the object.
Computer image processing to demonstrate the final stage of the project
360 photo made by the drone
Video on your object
Integration of 360 photos to your website
Archive photos of your object from all possible angles
The possibility of using computer graphics in the photos
Archive video of flights over your object
Ability to add any additional information on the photo
Our Experience
Look at our portfolio. We know how to shoot any type of objects from small rooms to giant parks.
Individual approach
Technical differences
Our team is distinguished by the ability to understand the difference between commercial, industrial, residential and artistic photography.
During the preparation for the shooting, our technician takes into account the specifics of the weather in the region of your object. Thus, a cloud or rain will not spoil the photo.
All of our drones have the appropriate registration under the law on the UAV.
The limitations of the equipment
Our team consists of high-level professionals, so for each project the drone is selected individually, taking into account the nuances of the project.
Working worldwide
The mobility of equipment and work with projects of varying complexity allows you to quickly deploy work almost anywhere in the world.
Complex descision
Each project has its own producer, Director and technical specialist who prepares the shooting and apparatus, calculates logistics.
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